The vast majority of the pictures I take feature some combination of my kids on their own or with their daddy; I don’t have many of me with them because I am almost always the one behind the camera!  But recently I read this inspiring blogger’s comments about wishing she had more pictures from her childhood that included her parents.  So I am hoping to keep up with her weekly “Embrace the Camera” challenge.  This is my first effort: grainy because I wanted a picture of E with me on my birthday but didn’t remember it until  after dinner last night, when of course there was no more good light to be found!  But it does document a special little moment in time: I am 31, the same age my mom was when I was born.  (And I used to think that was so very old–sorry, Mom!)  E is wearing her ruffled jeans with heart-shaped rear pockets, which I could eat.  Oh, and I am still wearing my running clothes!  It’s a little slice of our life, standing in the butler’s pantry between the kitchen and the dining room, snatching a moment between dishes and bathtime to take a picture together.

embrace the camera