Last year, I failed completely and utterly to send a single Christmas card.  We moved a month before Christmas; a week before Christmas, we had a new baby.  I cherished ambitions of New Year’s cards, or baby announcement cards…but those dreams evaporated in the fog of moving boxes, doctor appointments, allergy concerns, and just the general “there-are-three-of-them-and-only-one-of-me” delirium.  So this year I am determined to start early and fill our nice mailman’s bag with cards!  (Note: for me, November is early.  I am a dyed-in-the-wool last-minute kind of girl.  If you had your cards ready in October, you scare me.  I will admire from a distance!)

And yesterday this determination met some good news: I discovered that Shutterfly, my favorite source for Christmas cards, will give me 50 free cards if I write a blog post about them! Perfect timing.  So I drooled over their selection for a while, and here are my favorite Christmas things:

Story Cards:

This is a brilliant idea: a card with space for you to record the story of your year!  I haunt Shutterfly’s online store and I’ve never seen this before.

This design has room inside for more photos and an update:

I think this one is fabulous:

Photo Cards:

These have been my choice in the past and I love them.  They’re on sale right now!  If we get one good picture of everybody this year (start praying now) I might pick this simple, classic design:

If, on the other hand, we make a collage of our favorite individual pics (I feel myself relaxing just typing that), I like this:

Wall Calendars:

I love these.  I couldn’t get a big image of my favorite style, so here is the little picture: I love this simple look but you can also do a collage.  And now you can add photos to specific days on the calendar!

I am feeling Christmas-y already!  I can’t wait to stuff the first set of cards into the mail slot in our front door (which is one of my favorite features of our house: I don’ t even have to go outside to put the mail out! Hurray!).

Blogging friends, if you want 50 free cards of your own (!) follow the link!

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à