IMG_2737Three little people who constantly ask me when we are going to adopt a baby!

When I announced our plans to adopt, I mentioned that I would revisit the subject of funds. Adoption costs a great deal of money—when we began gathering information, I was stunned to learn that domestic minority newborn adoption generally costs around $30,000—and that’s on the low end for adoptions. I thought we might have to give up right there, because we don’t have that kind of money sitting in the bank. But I learned that very few adoptive families go into the process with all the cash on hand; almost no one can afford to adopt without help. That help comes in the form of adoption loans, special grants, and fundraisers in which family and friends and community get to be a part of bringing a child home to his forever family. And that is one of the beautiful things about adoption, I think: not everyone is called to adopt a child personally, but anyone can be a part of this lovely story. And there’s no such thing as a small part; every gift is needed, and every gift helps.

If you’re wondering why in the world adoption is that expensive, I wondered that too. Adoption is an intricate process (as it should be, to protect children and birth families and adoptive families). The costs include a home study, background checks and clearances, and family profiles which are essentially a portfolio about your family (this is what the birth mother examines as she is choosing a family). Once we are matched with a birthmother, we will begin to pay the fees due to her adoption agency—which cover varying amounts of medical care and testing, housing and food, counseling and social work, hospital delivery costs, and legal fees. Finally, there are legal fees for the finalization of the adoption after we bring our baby home. It’s a lot of money, but it goes to make sure that everyone involved is safe, cared for, and supported.

Where are we in this process? We have spent about $6000 of our own savings so far on the home study; background checks and clearances; designing, printing and shipping profiles; and our adoption consultant’s services. We have raised about $6500 thus far on our fundraising page. To those who have already given there, thank you so much! We’re so grateful. We currently still have about $21,500 to go to meet our fundraising goal.


And that brings me to this coming weekend (February 1st): a dear friend is putting on a fundraiser for us! She is hosting a winter ball for the second year in a row and has decided to donate all proceeds each year to the adoption of a local family—and we are that family this year. She is incorporating several creative fundraising options at the ball, including a silent auction featuring some fantastic items that other friends have donated. And it will be a fun evening with music, some dancing, hors d’oeuvres, a photo booth, and time with friends. If you live close enough to come, we would love to see you!

If you aren’t local, or can’t come but would still like to help, we’d love that too. You can donate directly to our adoption at Every gift helps! We’d be honored and grateful if you would partner with us to help bring a baby home to join our family.

Here is the link to the WinterBall event page, where you can learn more and RSVP.