This winter has largely been a disappointment to my snow-loving children. They have rejoiced at every swirl of white flakes and mourned when it leaves only a dusting behind. They have bundled into snow pants and boots at the slightest opportunity, and taken their sleds down the miniature slope beside our house when there is barely enough snow to slip beneath them. They have done their level best to enjoy the smallest snowfall, but I’ve grown gradually sadder about what they are missing.

But two weeks ago B woke up one morning, looked out the window, and exclaimed, “Look, Mama! There’s ENOUGH snow!” It was only a few inches, but for this year, that counts as a winter wonderland. They bundled up and went out with Daddy to revel in it.
IMG_9386What do you do in the snow? We play baseball.


Annnnnd….the pitch.


We also play golf.


Golf with some sort of foam baseball intended for swimming pool use. We have real golf balls, but apparently he was willing to improvise.

IMG_9394 IMG_9396

Shining eyes and rosy cheeks in the snow.


The sherbet-colored creature in the background is busy clearing snow from the steps to her slide. This girl loves to clean–even, it appears, outside.


Lining up his shot as best he can with his voluminous mittens.

IMG_9403Deeply serious about her work.