Every year I look forward to taking family pictures. My husband has learned to put up with me. He bears patiently with my circular deliberations about our outfits, and then he wrangles small arms and legs into the clothes I set out. He’s not a fan of cameras, but he smiles patiently. My children are used to having a lens in their faces, but we also bribe them heavily. And I think a perfect picture is a natural, happy one–not necessarily one in which every hair is in place and everyone’s eyes are fixed firmly on the camera. That’s probably a good thing, because we don’t get any of the latter. It’s chaotic and hilarious and frustrating, but I treasure having a series of pictures that capture a moment in our family’s life, just as we are now.


All of us.


Talking with my girl.


Three little companions. I love E’s downcast lashes and B’s jaunty hands-in-pockets attitude.


Our wedding pictures were largely disappointing. Every year I am thankful to get a few more of the two of us, in the natural style that I wanted for our wedding–but didn’t know, then, how to find.DSC_4016

Daddy and his big boy.


Running. If you know my children, it will not surprise you at all to learn that the boys were pretending to be trains. Whatever it takes.


This is the perfect shot of our girl: sunlit, laughing, and moving so fast she flies.


I love the hand on his little sister’s shoulder.


My love.


The boys are very occupied with the bridge–and E, of course, is airborne again.


My favorite smiles in the world.


A little hug on the side.


My dear friend Katie took these pictures. She knows our family well and she charmed my kids utterly–as I knew she would. I’m deeply thankful for the priceless memories these pictures hold. Thank you, Katie!