Our busy fall has faded into cold, cloudy days that plunge into darkness before dinnertime. I am feeling pressure to put away my Indian corn and gourds, but I’m not quite ready for Christmas. This week I want to remember the warm golden light, the sun-touched blooms, and the silly antics of my children this fall.

Walks around the block. My daughter runs the entire time; sometimes I think she’s almost ready to go running with me.


My chrysanthemums were a golden riot of sunshine on the doorstep.


E pauses often to snatch up leaves to treasure.

Our front door.

“Don’t put leaves in your hair,” I said. This was her response.

My hostas were sad this year. I think I need to learn about their proper care. But my geraniums hung on cheerfully through drought and the early frosts.

More leaves in the hair. All fall I found caches of those leaves spilling out of socks and hats and caught at my girl’s waistline.

Bittersweet and gourds from the farmer’s market where I carefully selected the same decorations every fall of my childhood. I didn’t make it there this year, but my mom brought me these beauties. Thanks, Mom!

C getting in on the fun.

Mini pumpkins, one for each of the kids. They cherish them, but E also likes to run into the living room and sweep them dramatically off the coffee table onto the floor when she needs room to play–hence the broken stem.

Brothers planning their game.

It was short-lived, but precious. B can hit the ball quite well when it’s pitched in exactly the right spot. If it’s not, he blames the pitcher.

The view from our front hall.

My runner.

Filtered afternoon sunshine.

Poised to jump off the slide.

See that fearless look on her face? Uh-oh.

Hanging out.

Lamby likes to slide, too.

This one is looking more and more like his Daddy’s side of the family.

The big girl swing!

Dashing to me with a brilliant yellow gift in her hands.


This fall was hectic for Mama and Daddy, and the days fled by. But I think the children had a good one. These memories make me happy, and thankful.