Last week, when some energy started to emerge out of the murky smog of our endless cold from hell, I took some pictures with the boys. Then I was too tired to post them.

But after almost three weeks of accomplishing very little apart from feeding, clothing, and medicating people and then putting them in front of screens, I think we’re back. I hope so. There are lots of fun things I want to do with these little ones, and we have a backlog of schoolwork to catch up on. Every afternoon B asks with shining eyes if we’re going to “do school,” and if I have to tell him that it’s too late or Mama’s too tired, he dissolves in querulous tears. That sweet boy would happily sit on a lap and listen to books all day long. With breaks for perfecting his fastball delivery, of course.

He’s growing up and he hastens to try any sport he sees demonstrated, but he still snuggles cozily, and still likes to be attacked with kisses.

C wandered into the room and volunteered to join our pictures. They both thought being squished was great fun.

Then I tickled them.

I like goofy photo shoots and big genuine grins. I also like the absence of runny noses. I’m hoping all these good things last a long time.