My tiny, opinionated daughter has started taking mortal offense when I go anywhere without her. If she finds out that I had the audacity to stop at a store while I was out on this unauthorized excursion–oh, my. She resorts to merciless heart-wringing tactics, exclaiming, “Sometime can go to the store with you, Mama? Sometime can? I want to go to the store with you! Sometime can I, Mama? Please?!”

Never mind that I took the boys to buy jeans and school supplies while she was napping, and she woke up to a special playtime with her Daddy. She wants to go to a store.

So last weekend we had a little Mama-daughter shopping trip, and took a few photos first. Here’s a classic E face:

That’s my happy girl.

We had a great time shopping. She thought my decision-making skills in the binder section at Target were rather lacking, but she ooohed and ahhhed over the craft store aisles. She came home with her very own spool of ribbon, and happy as a clam.