Yesterday we joined some friends in a field trip to a country orchard. It was a crisp, clear, windy morning, warming slowly with the sun.

We rode a haywagon all around the orchard, watched cider being pressed, observed a hive of bees swarming busily under glass, and posed as pumpkins:

Everyone got his own apple:

Or her own, of course:

E had never eaten an apple whole before, but to my surprise she polished it off on the way home. (I was nervous about giving it to her in the car, but I thought she would only take tiny nibbles since she wouldn’t know what to do with it. A few minutes later I looked baack to check on her and she had nearly finished that apple. I had to pull over to make her give it up.)

It was glorious to wander around outside, in the clear air and the country quiet and the farm smells.

My kids loved the mountain of straw bales:

And the maze, with its perfect peekaboo spot:

She kept asking sweetly, “Do you want to come in here with me, Mama?”

He was atop the bales. I love that it looks like he is walking the clouds.

And no little slice of our family’s life is complete without the theatrical antics of the B-man. When I asked to take a picture of him on the bales, he immediately assumed this pose. Just what I had in mind.

Emily isn’t doing the link-up today, but I’m embracing the camera anyway–first, because I happened to actually have a picture to use, and second, because I have been thinking lately about how important this is. I certainly don’t love getting in front of the camera on my second day of unwashed hair (see that hat? Yep, I’m sporting it again today!). But I do want my kids to be able to look back on pictures of them with their mama. I don’t want to just be the ghost behind the camera, even if it has been…how many days since I washed my hair? I’m off to take a shower.