This is my girl, showing off her “baby doggy,” which she takes for long walks through the house with my old wooden dog that she has dubbed “mama doggy.” When Baby Doggy falls behind, E squeals for him, “I miss my MAAMAAA!” and then returns to gather him into the fold.

And this is the tiny bedroom belonging to my girl–who loves all things pink, adores playing with cars and trains, and spent yesterday trotting around with a ruffle-clad baby doll under one arm and a small football under the other.

This room has come together slowly over almost three years; for a long time I felt frustrated with my slow progress and guilty that, finally given the opportunity to decorate a girl’s room, I was taking so long to finish it. But I’m learning that the layering that results from taking your time with a room can give it a special depth and texture. Everything in this room feels about right to me–just in time to start thinking about moving her to a big girl room! (Where she would have more room for her dolls and dollhouses, not to mention a big girl bed.)

One of my favorite details in this room is the little globe ball hanging from the closet handles. She has the world on a ribbon, hanging in her room. (That closet hardware is not on my list of favorites–but I haven’t made a priority of replacing it yet.)

E is still in a crib because she is small enough to fit and has shown no signs of climbing out. (Sssshhh…don’t tell her that’s a possibility.) She fits, but it’s getting tight in there with her menagerie. She styled these herself.

The yellow receiving blanket was made and edged by my own Nana for my babyhood; the blue flowered one was made by my mom for E. I love to spread them both over her when we snuggle up in the rocker for stories and songs: generations of love are in those stitches.

The small framed prints are by Jessie Willcox Smith, one of my favorite illustrators for children. These are actually stationery cards that I have owned for many years, and saved one of each design in hopes of using them in my daughter’s room someday. Looking at them makes me happy.

The little “Peace” illustration is also by my Nana, who loved to draw and always decorated everything–cards, letters, envelopes, Christmas gift tags, and so on. I love that touch of family and history and handwork.

Most of the decorations in this room were quite inexpensive things, snapped up at the Land of Nod outlet (curtains for $5 a panel, for example, and that bumper was also $5) or the occasional garage sale–or a well-loved family piece. The pink braided rug was in my childhood bedroom, the yellow flower rug and white dresser date from my college years, the little side table came from my parents’ house, and the lamp and bulletin board came from a garage sale. The rocking horse was passed on by friends whose children had outgrown it; the mobile, which I had eyed for a long time, was a gift from the kids’ Nana. E is really too old for mobiles, but she still likes the music to play occasionally, and I like the crocheted roses–so it remains.

The big frame was originally gold and housed a print that was, well, not my style at all. It could use another coat of spray paint, but I didn’t notice that until I had hung it up. And my spray-painting finger is still sore.

I made the comforter cover last year–white flannel with tiny pink polka dots and blue buttons from my mom’s lavish button basket. A quilt for my girlie is still just a dream in my head. Maybe this year it will become a reality.

In the meantime, I’m happy my girl has a room with pink ruffles, roses, beautiful art, a bed full of stuffed animals, a basket full of books, and a horse. I think she’s happy with it, too.