I have loved my little girlie’s long, tawny golden hair: flowing over her tiny shoulders, smoothed into ponytails, twisted into buns, or woven into braids. I have loved our morning ritual in which she sits patiently while I fix her hair; as long as she gets her requisite five strokes with the comb first, she’s happy to hand it over. But I’ve been watching those wisps for a while with the regretful thought that they needed a good chop. In hopes of encouraging her hair to grow stronger and thicker, I decided it was time for a milestone: my girl’s first long bob.

So last week I took all three of my little people for haircuts. And since my Dad went along (hurray!), I had hands and attention to spare for pictures.

This is Miss E, a little skeptical, before the event. That plastic doggy was the flavor of the week; she took it everywhere, snuggled it adoringly, and proclaimed it her “Baaaaaby Doggy…..SO CUUUUUUTE!”

Her long locks:

I have doted on this perky, tiny profile bordered by all that hair.

There’s my girl:

The boys had been getting a little shaggy. (I note the new phenomenon of B inadvertently tucking his shirt into his pants; now I scramble to correct it but I’m sure in a few years I will think this picture of it is precious.)

B likes to pose. He offered this one on his own:

C, giving me a grin. I am now used to my boys having shorter hair, but sometimes I still miss the rockstar look. I loved ruffling C’s thick mop under my hand. And oh dear, B’s gold-tinged curls. (Sniff.) My boys are looking so grown-up now.

B watched solemnly in the mirror, and I watched the hairline become crisp and neat on his neck again. Much as I like the long look, the close-cropped base of a little boy’s head slays me.

Willing, but a bit apprehensive:

Her hair combed across her shoulders for the last time:

The moment before the chop. My heart was squeezing a little.

At the last minute, I realized I had neglected to take a picture of C’s haircut in process. Sorry, firstborn. When I hastily produced my camera, he favored me with his best fake smile:

Here’s the “after” shot of my handsome dude, with a real smile this time:

Tilting her head to showcase her new look:

I think it’s adorable. I’m happy. And I have a long lock in an envelope, to sniffle over when I’m feeling sentimental.

Modeling. I assure you she comes up with these poses all on her own.

From the back:

It swings well:

My future thespian, summing up the evening: