Some impromptu shots with my little ones today:

We tried to get a creative upside-down shot, but the timer on my camera doesn’t last long enough for that. The result was a tangle of arms and legs and a lot of laughter:

I love these grins.

All of their faces make me laugh in this one: B’s dutiful attempt at a smile, E’s quick peek at the camera, and C’s overwhelming enthusiasm.

C usually likes having his picture taken, but prefers to see the results immediately. In this case I think he had concluded he would never get to see them. He brightened up when I showed them all the outtakes with people’s heads cut off. They all thought those were pretty funny.


It was a good day. The busyness tends to swamp the memories for me, and that is one of the reasons I try to take a lot of pictures. I need this evidence that in the midst of the chaotic and the mundane, there is this happiness to remember. I’m glad I have pictures of today.