Last weekend we attended the wedding of a friend I have known for many years, and whose parents are some of my parents’ dearest friends. Growing up we ate many dinners with both our families together, and I remember the first time she  confided to me her long-held crush on the man she married last weekend. It was sweet to celebrate with them, and to be there with my parents–and since our kids were enjoying one of their favorite babysitters, we had a blissfully quiet and conversational time.

Between the ceremony and reception, we wandered the grounds a little and found this beautiful flower-laden gazebo, perfect for pictures.

Me and my Mom.

Doesn’t she look pretty among the blooms?

With my Daddy.

My parents on the porch of a beautiful old windmill.

I made J stand in the gazebo while I adjusted my camera settings. Can you tell how much he loves this? I imagine him thinking, “For better, for worse…”

The two of us.