Today we met friends at the zoo, and as we were walking back to the gate afterwards I set my camera on a handy bench and attempted a picture with my small crew. The results were a little comical. First I prominently featured our lunch bag:

Then everyone got silly. Nice kissing face, B.

Then E decided to hide behind the bar.

Then we went home and collapsed for late naps.


We experienced a couple of new treats at the zoo: we rode on the carousel (E will tell you solemnly that her mount was a “weally big bug”), and we climbed inside the pouch of the giant kangaroo. The kids had been shy of it at first, but on our last trip they asked to try it next time.

Here is my pouch-full:

(E looks a little unsure that this was a wise decision).

And here are all the big boys:

Twelve years ago, my friend and I wandered around European cities together with packs on our backs and maps in our hands. Today we wandered around the zoo with laden strollers and, between us, seven children: six boys and one girl. It’s hard to believe that enough time has passed to produce all those vibrant, energetic, unique little people. But it’s a special delight to see them play together, and to catch up with a friend in snatches between dispensing lunches and chasing down stragglers. Old friends meet, and new ones are made.