My girl woke up from yesterday’s afternoon nap tousle-haired, fresh-cheeked, dewy-eyed, and happy to snuggle.

Her after-nap routine consists of a bottle of coconut milk (the tiny thing still needs all the calories she can get) and some favorite stories read in the rocking chair by the window.

She typically greets me by asking first where Daddy is, and then whether I’m going to take a shower.

I don’t think that’s quite as offensive as it sounds (most mornings when I get her up I’m just back from a run and truly need to shower), but maybe I shouldn’t be so sure.

On the other hand, two days ago her brothers came to help retrieve her pacifier while she was reading books in bed (that’s the morning routine), and afterwards I pointed out that she has very nice brothers. She immediately declared, “I have nice Mama, too!”

It’s stunning how children love their parents, isn’t it? Imperfections and all. (And sweaty running clothes.)

And last night she insisted that it had to be Mama who read her bedtime stories. So I obliged, and we had some more snuggles.

This girl is growing up fast–her baby face is slimming and she chatters more volubly every day. The days of coconut milk bottles and bedtime pacifiers are numbered. I hope the days of stories and snuggles are not–not for a long while yet.