All colors come from the sun. And it does not have

Any particular color, for it contains them all.

And the whole Earth is like a poem

While the sun above represents the artist.

Whoever wants to paint the variegated world

Let him never look straight up at the sun

Or he will lose the memory of things he has seen.

Only burning tears will stay in his eyes.

Let him kneel down, lower his face to the grass,

And look at light reflected by the ground.


There he will find everything we have lost:

The stars and the roses, the dusks and the dawns.


–”The Sun” by Czeslaw Milosz

These days the only way to bear the brutal heat is by splashing in water under that blazing sun. We’ve been enjoying our little backyard pool, and, this week, some visits to the real pool. While J was traveling last weekend, the kids and I stayed with my parents and went to the pool almost every day. On Wednesday, thanks to that travel, J had a comp day to spend with the family, so we packed up and headed to the pool again. But I am too timid to take my big camera to the real pool, so these pictures will have to represent how we are spending our baking afternoons.