Memorial Day weekend brought the firstfruits of the coming season: a cookout with friends that filled our backyard with the sounds of children laughing into the shadowy evening; days of abundant sunshine; our little people squealing in the kiddie pool; a few outside projects; piles of fresh watermelon and berries and pineapple; and plenty of simple meals eaten around the table on our deck. Everything is better outside–especially dinner.

E sported her famous shades:

She has an inkling that she’s quite cool.

And then the smile that melts my heart:

She decided to model various ways to accessorize with these:


You knew this was the new in thing, right? She rotates her sunglasses as a matter of routine: upside-down, right-side-up, upside-down…

It is just slightly more difficult (ahem) to get my boys to pose for me.

I do think this one is cute, though: brothers just chilling together in their swim trunks.

Then I had a flash of illumination and suggested this:

Soon they were dissolving in giggles on the grass:

My big boy.

Little brother loving on big brother. For all the daily squabbles over toys and turns, these boys cherish each other.

Miss Big. She is so grown-up that she now navigates the stone steps all by herself if I don’t intercept her in time. I imagine she’s just trying to give my a heart a little extra aerobic benefit.

Who, me? Mama, you are funny. (I can hear her little voice: “That’s so SILLY!!!!”)

She’s also determined to reach the pedals on the big-kid tricycle. All gumption and sunshine, this one.

Sumer is i-cumen in–

Lhude sing, cuccu!

–anonymous 13th century lyric

translation: “Summer is a-coming in/sing loudly, cuckoo!”