I love this picture because sports are not currently C’s strongest suit–but in these long summery afternoons he has several times toted out the baseball tee and gone to work practicing his swing, entirely unprompted by me. That determined expression tugs at my heart. He is radically, mind-blowingly good at some things (like constructing intricate Lego projects) and then some things are hard. But look at him try. This picture makes me proud, and hopeful.

I love this expression, too. Those are B’s “super-fast shoes”. When we were trying on shoes at the store, B preferred a garish pair and the salesman (an old hand, obviously) asked me which I preferred and then proceeded to point out that my chosen pair were clearly the very fastest of them all. B was utterly convinced and now approaches everyone (friends, babysitters, even amenable-looking strangers) and announces, “I have super-fast shoes.” I have to issue an ultimatum to get him to wear sandals instead. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of these shoes this summer.

Unlike their sister, these boys can barely stand to be still long enough for me to take a picture. By the time I have my camera settings figured out, they’re long gone. It’s a rare moment when I actually capture the soulful eyes and shy smiles.

After a long, hard play, the way to these little boys’ hearts is through small chilled water bottles. We don’t normally have cold drinking water (by choice–I think it’s easier to drink enough water when it’s not cold), so this is a special summertime treat. Please don’t tell them about pop, okay? They think this is the best stuff known to man. Of course, they’re right.