She was so cute yesterday, bopping around in her new bicycle t-shirt from Oma, with sparkles on the back pockets of her jeans and her ponytail nodding behind her, that I had to take a picture. And since I had actually taken a shower before 9 pm, it was something of an occasion–so I got in the picture, too.

The self-timer is magic for my kids. She was squirming and whining in the chair until the flashing light came on, and then she was mesmerized.

Her bunny was an absolute necessity for the photo shoot. We had to go and find him before she would even be coaxed into the chair. Never mind that bunny hadn’t been the flavor of the week for several weeks now; suddenly he was indispensable.

While I was fiddling with the camera, someone else arrived to join the fun:

Now she brought out her best grins:

I asked him to give her a hug:

Giggling at each other:

Then I asked her to give him a hug:

Her “hugs” involve closed eyes, a tender expression, and a head-first dive.

Everyone decamped soon after this, and I put the chair back just in time to avoid a scolding from Miss Neat and Tidy, who follows me around closing cabinet doors behind me and likes to pick up toys for fun. She had been quite concerned that I moved the chair in the first place. We have to watch our step around our little domestic princess. My mom will laugh over this, I’m sure, and tell me I’m getting what’s coming to me. We all thought was neat and tidy–until E came along!