Four years ago, in the heart of a midwestern winter, I was piecing strips and squares of fabric together on my mom’s dining room table.

My second baby boy was due any day, and I knew I wouldn’t have the quilting finished for his birth, but I was confident it would be ready for his first birthday.

Last week, four years later, I pulled the last stitch taut, hid my knot under the binding, and snipped the thread. It was a work long in progress–but there is love in those stitches.

Here’s the whole quilt, spread out on my bed. I’m relieved that I still love the fabrics four years later!

The pattern is the same one I used for C’s quilt, and they have one fabric in common–a smoky blue printed with red umbrellas and rain boots.

The quilt is backed with a vintage alphabet print, from which I cut squares to show his initials–plus a random Y because I liked the yacht illustration. It turns out I should have picked a different letter, because B’s favorite part of this four-year labor of love is–wait for it:

…the letter T, which is (thank God) illustrated with a toy train.

He loves his quilt. At bedtime he wants it spread atop his other covers–reverse side up and with the top edge folded under so he can have ready access to his “T is for train” at all times.

Happy quilt day, my B. You are worth it–even if you do only like the back.