{this moment}: just a picture–a glimpse into our lives these days*

Classy, right?

The big dark smear below the window is the original attempt to match the hallway paint, necessitated by the plaster that had to be patched beneath it, and made more significant by the fact that the hallway paint color continues in–and can be seen from–the living and dining rooms.

The splotches of color to the left of the window are sundry attempts to get a closer color match, including a series that I tried to mix myself (with post-it-notes to identify the various shades).

And the crowning glory: those catalog pages to the right of the window are placeholders for pictures I want to hang there. It’s a handy-dandy method for trying out a frame arrangement on your wall before you make holes in your wall (I got the idea here). But it turned into much longer-term decor than I had intended. And everyone who came over seemed to think I had taped my catalog wishlists to the wall. That’s disturbing.

The catalog pages came down yesterday, and the woodwork is taped off. It’s a measure of progress, anyway.

B came downstairs this morning and observed, “The blue tape is still there!”

Why, yes, dear. I wouldn’t expect it to disappear anytime soon.

* inspired by soulemama