My new favorite project is making flannel pajama pants for my little people. The flannel for the boys’ pants sat on my basement sewing table for almost a year, but I finally added some fabric for E, whipped up 3 pairs, and was promptly addicted. I’ve made another set since these, and now have more flannel washed and waiting for me on that same table. They are quick and satisfying to make–and I’ve decided there are no cuter and more cozy-looking pajamas than mama-made flannels.

B’s, of course, are decked with baseballs:

I want baseballs, too! Or maybe it’s just that no one will share the trains with me.

That’s better. E has bright, vintage-looking birdcages with little birds hopping about.

C seems pleased with his owls.

Since we’ve been enduring a bout of Endless Runny Noses around here, they’ve been wearing these a lot. Time to whip up a few more pairs.