This morning, when I set the boys’ clothes out, B abruptly announced, “I want to wear my Albert Pujols shirt!”

This brings up a sore subject. Every time I think about baseball season starting, I wonder how we will explain to our four-year-old that his favorite player is no longer a Cardinal. For B, Pujols and the Cardinals are synonymous with baseball.

I told him he could wear his Pujols jersey tomorrow. No sense going into the topic now.

But in the spirit of thinking about baseball, and spring, which must come sometime, I thought I would post this picture of J and me at Busch Stadium in October, moments after the Cardinals won the World Series.

The grass was green, the air was clear, and confetti was erupting above us. I love the sounds of baseball–and it cheers me to think, as I sit draped in a wool blanket while a breathless white cold hovers at the windows, that the bats will crack again in the spring, and the sun will cast long shadows on the grass.

And we will have to introduce B to a new Cardinal hero. That’s all right. It’s the team we love, and the game. And winning World Series isn’t too shabby, either.