Faced with the challenge of transferring mounds of miniscule leaves to the tall lawn bags, I had a brainwave: the kids’ snow shovels.

My little helpers joined in with gusto.

Some of us abandoned the work for self-burial projects.

Others of us kept laboring, with a withering glance at the slackers.

I love the everyday essence of my daughter which this picture captures: sunshine, determination, and drool. So much drool, you will note, that there are leaves stuck to it. Yummy.

B had, by this time, made himself scarce. He knows where to go when there’s work to be done.

But since he has recently recovered his bravery (and, I think, the full use of his injured foot), this sight made me happy.

(These pictures were taken in October, but the memories of that golden afternoon are too good for me to skip them.)