My poor husband.

He is the most efficient person I have ever met: he knows exactly how long any given task will take, he maintains laser focus on the Goal at Hand, and he approaches decisions as though a hostage will be killed for every minute of unnecessary deliberation.

And he married me: the girl who can endlessly weigh the pros and cons for anything.  I recently returned a pair of shoes I had bought in NOVEMBER and, despite frequent tryings-on and debating of their merits (occasions which doubtless brought great joy to my husband’s heart), had never worn.  I returned them for full price and bought a pair of sandals that I adore–total shopping score.  However, since that victorious day I have stood between my open closet doors on several occasions, contemplating the spot where those copper-toned flats used to be and wishing I had them to wear with my outfit.  I haven’t mentioned this to my husband because I can well imagine the eye roll.  But of course, now he knows.

And he won’t be surprised, because I am also the girl whose living room window presently looks like this:

Someone please help me.

My long-suffering J, who can simply not notice swathes of toys or piles of crumbs (because they don’t pertain to the mission of the moment), looked at this window the other day and pleasantly inquired, “So…how soon do you think you’ll be making a decision about those?”

A decision?  I’m paralyzed.

There are a lot of factors (the green are more expensive; if I keep the blue ones, I will have to do some extra buying, cutting and sewing to make the center panels wide enough, etc.).  But it all really comes down to the color.  Could I get some advice, friends?

I would call that blue a smoky dark cornflower; the green was actually called “blue smoke” but I say it’s more of a sea glass.

Don’t be thrown off by the brown pillows: their days are numbered.  I plan to make pillow covers out of a few different patterns (yet to be chosen); someday I hope to do some re-upholstering on some pieces in the room; these curtains need to last me for a long, long time.

Here’s the best I could do at getting a shot of these in natural light:

And here they both are with the painting that is a sort of color inspiration for the room (I’ll bring in some red in the accents and we already have greeny-blue tile on the hearth):

The Grand Canal Near the Rialto Bridge, Venice by Canaletto — my mom got this nice-quality print in the mail and knew I would like it.   I love the vivid colors, the bustle, the perspective, and the sun-soaked flavor of Venice which I remember so well, with the sparkles of colored glass in the windows and the little fountains cascading over arrays of sliced coconut on the streetside stands…

But back to the curtains.  What do you think?  I started off leaning toward the blue, and now I’m leaning toward the green…but are they too trendy?

As my husband knows, I could go on and on with this.

Help!  Blue or green?!