Look who’s walking everywhere:

And she’s off!

Wait.  Am I really doing it?

Temporary setback.

I’ve got this now.

Enjoying a sunny spot.

She is quite tickled with her accomplishments.

As she says, approvingly: “Guh gih!  Guh gih!” (Good girl!)

She is fifteen months old today–still tiny, but awfully grown up.  And she has a great deal to say about everything.  Yesterday J and I counted at least 25 words that she says reliably–some umprompted, and some echoing us.  Some of the newer additions to the list: “Gank you!” (Thank you); “Ah-sigh! Ah-sigh!” (Outside); “Baa” (Bath); “Booh” (Book); “Shooooze” (Shoes); “Kay!” (Okay); “Nigh-igh” (Night-night); and “Gaah-guh” (Cracker).  Her happy crowings and jabberings fill our house.

On the other hand, today we visited with a friend whom E has not seen very often; to my surprise, my little firecracker scuttled silently behind my legs, her little arms twined around my knees and her wide eyes peeking cautiously around me.

She’s still my little baby: I call those shy hugs and this string of drool to witness.