A couple of fun, silly shots with my boys today:

C surprised me by volunteering to smile “reeeeally big” for the camera.  He meant it.

Despite having my fair share of Irish blood, and choosing Irish/English as the theme for our children’s names, I completely failed to dress anyone in green today.  I have also finally admitted to myself that I don’t like corned beef and cabbage.  Don’t tell my dear Grandma.  I did make a new beef stew recipe tonight–that’s sort of in the Irish tradition, right?

However, my husband inadvertently wore green today, and just so happened to go to an Irish restaurant for lunch.  So maybe we’re covered.

I had ambitions of doing a little decorating around the house for each holiday this year.  But since my Valentine’s Day decorations are still up, it looks like I’ll be redirecting those (small) energies toward Easter.

However,  it was balmy outside, we played in the yard with friends, took cheesy pictures together, and ate our nice hearty stew.  We discovered that E loves beef stew with mushrooms, and hates mashed potatoes and broccoli.  Good to know.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!