A few weeks ago we threw a belated first birthday party for our little E.  Her birthday is December 17, and B’s is January 7–and I have not yet figured out how to fit birthday parties into the bustle of the Christmas season (did I mention our anniversary is December 27? December is packed!).  But I want us to be the kind of family that celebrates together.  I want to make special days even more special–not extravagant, but memorable.  I will probably never throw perfectly styled, elaborately themed birthday parties–at least not while I still spending hours a day pumping and am on the three-showers-a-week plan.  (Just being real!)   And maybe E and B will always have belated parties (of course we have a small family celebration and give gifts on the actual day–just not the full-fledged party).  But that’s okay.  This crystallized for me suddenly last month.  I was hemming and hawing about whether we should still have a party; I was wriggling with embarrassment  about it being so late.  And then I realized: my daughter will never be one year old again.  B will never be three again.  Who cares if it’s late?  Celebrate anyway!

So we had a party.

I made some bunting banners.

And tied polka-dot ribbon here and there.

And finished the wreath I’d been making for Valentine’s Day.

My mom helped me make sloppy joes (which B refers to as “Sloppy Joey”) and chocolate cupcakes, and we welcomed a small group of old and dear friends.  In fact, my mom pointed out that all  of the couples present were at our wedding seven years ago–at which time none of the ten children at the party had been born!

The birthday girl with her cupcake.


She made a very satisfactory mess.

She enjoyed a great deal of eager help with opening her presents.

The Big Girls were happy to help her find her way around a tea set.

Making a point to her friend B.

And what good would a party be if you didn’t get to eat any of the paper?

I know her hair looks ragged in these pictures; I promise I combed it!  And then she pulled her headband out and I put it back in, and she pulled it out and I put it back in…and so on.  I’m still learning the tricks of managing a little girl’s hair; it’s a new skill for me!

But I am so glad we had a party.  We’ll have one for B, too…maybe in July.