We are embracing the camera at my parents’ house today, snug inside while the sun blazes outside on mountains of snow and a bitter cold morning.  It was seven below at seven o’clock.  The past two days I bundled up and went running in the snow –in a hushed, expectant, deserted silence on Tuesday and on surprisingly traveled roads yesterday.  But today I am declaring defeat and staying in.

Indoors, I get to enjoy this:

My mom playing with her granddaughter: they were identifying orchestra instruments.  E would say “Wa daa?” and my mom would say, “That’s a violin.”  Then E dances to the music, bopping her little head and wiggling her hips.

My dad introduced the boys to one of my favorite childhood experiences: listening to Peter and the Wolf and following along in the book.

I love B’s hand resting on his Opa’s.  It’s best to hold hands when there’s a wolf around.