I finally succumbed: the endless succession of runny noses, snotty kisses, and right-in-my-face sneezes got to me at last.  I caught this cold with a vengeance.  But I was determined to still take a picture for embrace the camera.  So last Thursday I set up the camera in front of the couch where I was attempting to rest by watching a movie with the boys.  Emphasis on “attempting”.  Even though those two little people combined equal less than half my weight, they somehow take up almost all of the room on a large couch.  And every time I got up to adjust the self-timer on the camera, I came back to less space.  After all the effort expended trying to squeeze back in with them,  I was too tired to post the picture.  Pathetic, I know!  But here is what our day looked like last week:

Things are a little improved this week; I’m still under the weather but I’ve recovered my energy for tickling:

…and smooching:

(Can you tell she’s thrilled?!)

And lastly, because I giggle every time I think about it…here is B watching the beginning of Toy Story 3:

They discuss the opening sequence all day long.  They re-enact it with all manner of toys.

“Mama?  Mama?  Maybe the train’s gonna fall off the track!  Buzz is gonna save the train!”

But when it actually came to watching it today, B took cover.

After about three minutes (during which he periodically commented on the action from beneath his blanket: “Woody!  Buzz!”), he suddenly emerged:

“I can watch it now!” he announced.  Just like that–cool as a cucumber.