There was snow fun yesterday, and even a little sunshine:

C said, “There’s more snow in the sky!”

Adjusting E’s sled–as he’d seen me do.

I love her face when she realized he was going to pull her.

Gazing adoringly at her big brother.

This was short-lived.  B, trying to push her off: “I’m stuck!!!” That’s the real Christmas spirit for you.  Let’s also note that he insisted on the big sled and C insisted on the small, so we ended up with one child at ease on the big sled and two scrunched into the little one.  But somehow everyone was content.

All ready.

I discovered that one mama can pull two sleds at once, with a total of three children on them.  At this point B has decided that the miniature slope in front of our house is actually fun and not terrifying.

He kept saying, “I’m keeping her safe.”

This year I’ve come across a verse from O Little Town of Bethlehem that I don’t recall having seen before:

Where children pure and happy

Pray to the blessed Child;

Where misery cries out to thee,

Son of the mother mild;

Where Charity stands watching

And Faith holds wide the door,

The dark night wakes, the glory breaks,

And Christmas comes once more.

p.s. yes, my little girl is wearing a blue snowsuit.  We do actually have pink snowpants for her; but as yet haven’t figured out the boots situation.  (She has the tiniest of feet.) The repairman who arrived about this time was visibly puzzled.  “She’s very cute.  Or–is it a boy?”  Oops.