Today it was Daddy’s turn to embrace the camera, on the wild ride down the tiny hill in our side yard with a very unwilling–and then very enthusiastic–little boy in front of him.

Here he is with his crew, adventuring in the snow.  (Hey, that’s a for sale sign in our neighbors’ yard–somebody want to move in next door?!)

While we’re at it, I am very happy to present Miss E in her pink snowpants (I was so embarrassed by yesterday’s pictures that I found some dressy boots and made them work!).  She is my first child to be plopped down for her maiden voyage in the snow and not scream.  That’s my girl!

I can’t get enough of her and that golden light on her hair.

Ruffles and a furry hood: delicious.  And looking at that creamy skin, it’s hard to believe she once had such dreadful eczema.  God has been kind to heal her skin as we prayed so often–and he led us to a fabulous doctor who helped make that possible.  I am thankful.

Everyone is napping and Daddy and I are off to Santa’s Workshop–i.e. the basement– where nothing has yet been wrapped.  Here goes!