Today I made my first attempts at using the timer to get a picture of all three kiddies and Mama.  A good deal of chaos followed: “Sit here!  No, here!  Wait, don’t move!  I said Don’t Move!  Where are you going?  Don’t eat that!  No, this way!  Don’t sit on her!  Move!  Sit still! Quick!  Look at the camera!  Oh well…”  And every time the shutter clicked, three of us scrambled to see the picture, two did their level best to smear snotty fingers all over the lens, and one crawled away as fast as ruffled leggings and furry pink boots can go.

The baby tended to be screamy and squirmy (get me OUT of here!!!), and focus is not a concept my boys have yet mastered (What?  But I wanted to find the perfect spot for this misplaced ornament RIGHT NOW!  Wait–why are you hiding it?!)  but we did get these:


And this one of just me and B, which actually has good light and is in focus:

Last week’s post was the one for good photography (thanks, Misha!).  This week it’s just me and my point-and-shoot again; but hey, I can embrace that camera too!