Look who’s new on the scene at our house:

Come in, Star Command.

With all the hoopla surrounding Toy Story 3, we realized our boys had never been introduced to Woody and Buzz.   We toyed (ahem) with the idea of taking the boys to see the new movie in the theater, but decided they might not be ready for that.  However, one day Daddy went to the store and came home with the DVD of Toy Story 1.  We had a nice family movie night and C was enthralled.  B, inexplicably, was terrified of Woody and watched most of the movie standing in the family room doorway sucking his thumb, until we finally coaxed him in to sit on our laps.  After about a week of begging to watch it, shrieking when Woody made dramatic faces, and watching the rest from the hallway, he made his peace with Woody.  And then: Oma and Opa brought them little Woody and Buzz figurines.  My boys were floored.  “It’s Woody and Buzz FROM THE MOVIE!!!”

To be precise, C got a set containing  Woody and a horse (I forget his name), and B got Woody and Buzz.  That made sense because C had been more enthusiastic about Woody all along, but after a few hours he decided that his brother’s Buzz looked awfully enticing, and started requesting to “go get another Buzz Wightyeah from the store.”  He was actually very patient, for a four-year-old, and when we handed him his new Buzz the next day, his face lit with joy.

Woody and Buzz are each boy’s constant companions.  We have daily emergencies when one is lost and oh, my word, the drama that ensues is matched only by the rejoicing when what was lost has been found.  They act out scenes from the movie: C’s favorite occupation is to stage Woody and Buzz arguing under the toy dump truck and then position Buzz in the cab and Woody in the back.  In the car, at the breakfast table, and on their bedroom floor they recite portions of dialogue: “My name is Buzz Wightyeah.  I come in peace…Thank you all for youah kind welcome.”  Last night before bed, B marched his Buzz up the headpost of his bed, perched him on the knob, and launched him high into the air: “To infinity and beyOHND!!!”

Several times a day, C (who is still working on his pronouns) sidles up to me with a shy grin of delight, displays his new friends, and confides, “It’s your very own Woody and Buzz Wightyeah.”