…does mama need to make, in order to keep spooning, catching, and re-spooning the same mouthful over and over again?

I ask myself this every time I embark on the adventure of feeding Miss E.  Here she is demonstrating her eating prowess for my mom:

Sure, I’ll have a bite of that.

Now I’ll make it more interesting.  Look at my hands go!  Can you get past these?

Oh look, a little mess.  Well, what do you know? Wonder how that got there.

And here is my famous let-it-dribble-out-the-mouth technique.

She humors us.  But I think she secretly rolls her eyes when she sees that spoon coming.  However, graduating to the bumbo seat has at least put an end to her previous favorite mealtime shenanigan:


…and in.  Take that, rice cereal.