Baby E turned six months old on Thursday.  Half a year has gone by in a flash.  Wasn’t this just yesterday?

Silken kissable cheeks, and deep sleepy sighs, and long cuddles on the couch…

And then I blinked and saw this:

Miss Sweetness is bubbling over with grins and hearty little chuckles.  And she is a live wire: rolling every which way like a top, entangling herself under furniture; snatching anything in sight with designs of swallowing it whole.

She is busily practicing for her future career as a coloratura soprano: she sets our ears ringing with her happy warbling and shrieking.

She is a happy little girl, and at her happiest with her head swiveling to follow the progress of her adored big brothers dashing around her.  She’s also tiny.  She eats like a champ but we believe that allergies are preventing her properly assimilating the nutrients she takes in.  Please pray that her little immune system would be properly regulated so that she can digest more fully and also find relief from the stubborn eczema.  We are pursuing treatments we hope will help and aiming to avoid formula-feeding if possible; even apart from the great superiority of breastmilk, it’s quite possible E could react to even the hypoallergenic formulas.  We would love prayer for our precious, joyful baby girl!

Looking dewy after her bath.

Vamping in Oma’s arms.

Chatting with Opa.

Contemplating her beloved toy dragon; probably determining the best angle at which to shove it bodily into her mouth.  Don’t you just want to kiss those toes?

Thoughtful baby.  This one really looks like my baby pictures, I think.  Look at that little frown!

Getting sleepy.  If you haven’t got a blanket, your dress will do.

But she revived for one last picture with mama.

Happy 6 months, sweet E!  We love you!