My big boy turned four on May 19th. It’s hard to wrap my mind around that. This was his first time to get truly excited about his birthday. Our celebration was small and peaceful, but I think he enjoyed it. I made him a little paper birthday crown decorated with drawings of his favorite things, and he was very interested in all his cards bearing the number 4. We opened presents at the dining room table; B had a brother-to-the-birthday-boy crown, too, although it only lasted long enough for one picture!

That night before bed, I explained to C that his biggest birthday present was yet to come: a big boy swingset! He listened with wide eyes as I explained what that would entail, and then he said gravely, “I’ll be bigger. I’ll be bigger in a few minutes.”

The instructions said swingset assembly would take 2-4 hours. Maybe that was a misprint since it took more like 24 hours of slave labor by my longsuffering dad and husband–but we now have a swingset! One evening this week, some dear friends (who are now also neighbors) stopped by to bring us our groceries (what a blessing!) and stayed to try out the swingset with us.

Our C-man is currently enthralled with shooting hoops and throwing baseballs to Daddy. He actually has quite the skills. Notice Daddy ducking just in time to avoid a baseball to the head.

B enjoyed getting in on the action, too:

The evening sunshine was shining through his curls:

That is the angelic countenance of the boy who had the following conversation with himself at the table after dessert tonight (in an apparent effort to head off our suspicions about the source of the stinky diaper smell): “Did Mommy poopy?  No.  Did Iiya poopy? No.  Did Iiya’s bunny wabbit poopy?  Yes.  We’ll have some moah cake.”

And here he is watching everything from the deck with his little friend S:

Baby E preferred to watch from the safety of Daddy’s arms:

As I think about C being four years old, one of my joys is the fact that he has these two sweet young ones to play with and look after.  B is his companion; the house often echoes with the sound of them looking for each other.  And E is his little charge.  Yesterday I went to check on the baby, a little apprehensive that I would find someone giving her overzealous hugs.  Instead, I found C standing over her with his hands clasped behind his back, just watching.  He is a sweet boy, with a memory like a steel trap and a delight in books and balls and doing things by himself.  And he loves his brother and sister.  We are so thankful for our big C!