Here is a peek at life around here as spring has eased into summer:

For a few weeks, we looked out our windows into a riot of blooms.  Above is the view from our living room window.  The tree below was an extravagant blaze of white blossoms that reached from the dining room window up to our bedroom window.  This is the first thing I saw every morning:

C and B delight in running circles  through the back yard and up and down the sidewalk.

They still love books…

(B with his beloved “Peeceman Smawh”)

And they still love trains:

And their adored baby sister:

(One of the last naps she took in her sweet little bassinet.  She was starting to flip herself into impossible positions and so we made the transition to the big girl crib in her very own room.  Sweet and a little sad at the same time.)

And finally, something that was not at all part of my plans for this summer:

Two weeks ago tonight, I took a little tumble at the foot of the basement stairs and landed with my foot bent under me at an angle at which human limbs are apparently not intended to bend.  It’s sprained and fractured, and I’m on crutches for something like  4 to 6 weeks.  This does not feel much like grace.  I am trying to believe that even this, somehow, is good–for me, for our family; for the kids whose routine and expectations have been turned upside down.  We are receiving much grace from our family and friends.   I can’t yet even move the baby from her crib to her changing table, so I am dependent on help for some of the simplest daily mommy tasks.  My parents have been here for the last two weeks (my mommy conquered our endless laundry pile that had been untamed since baby E arrived!).  Next week we will have a small army of friends taking shifts.  I am deeply thankful.  After I fell, my first thought was, “I won’t be able to run!”  My second thought was, “I won’t be able to do anything! What are we going to do?!”   So God is providing.

And that’s life around here!